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Using the videos and Youtube access issues..

Submitted by xenyen on Sat, 11/21/2015 - 23:53


Just found this and registered.. loving it. Always wanted to learn martial arts; put my daughter in a class, but no opportunity for me.. till now! My kids aren't so enthusiastic, but now I'm following my dream, and if the kids have the drive, I have made the opportunities available to them.
One issue, youtube doesn't work in my country; to access it, we use an alternative proxy site. Embedded content doesn't show. The embedded videos don't work.
So I'll watch the videos through a proxy site, as I found the Shou' Su videos on youtube through the proxy. Then I'll come to this portal and click 'got it' so I can proceed. Hope that's ok!

Thank you for creating this site!!! Blessings