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Lesson Description

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Submitted by Shun Shifu Weaver on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 16:01


I've been a little slack about writing in lesson descriptions each time we have a class. Maybe you guys can help me out on this.
I think this is very useful for people if they can quickly read what is in a video and decide if they want to watch it.

Things to include can be but are not limited to

What card technique was taught
Were there extra non card techniques taught
Any drills that were taught
Were any basics detailed out

Whatever commentary you like.

You can sign it with your name or link to your profile if you like.

There is also a selection box when editing that you can select which card the technique is from. That will be helpful for people also.

I've adjusted access permissions and you guys should be able to edit the lesson pages now. Look for an edit tab at the top of the page when viewing the actual page (not in a list)

Let me know if that's all working for you and thank You


will work on this tomorrow some... i do need the one Shifus name though... all i know is Shifu Liz and yourself lol

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Crane Belt

Shifu Miller

The other one you see nce in awhile is Shifu Robitaille

kk np and ty for the info Shifu Weaver *salute*

I really like it works very well

ty Jeremiah, i was gonna get started on those yesterday as well but been busy last couple days... im gonna try to get some done later if i can... if you want tell me which ones your gonna do and ill get the others, this way we dont do the same ones lol... btw great job

Ill do Fun Night Chin Na and Striking ASP "I feel if we both do 3 we can get some good practice on it" If you need help on anything "Even if its not related to the voluntary work" Feel free to ask me ill try to help you out.

kewl sounds good bro... same here if ya need anything let me know

Sounds good man we are all here to help each other out so that's great.

ok I got my first 3 done finally lol... Shifu Weaver, will you please look and make sure this is how you would like us to continue to do the descriptions? also "Locking Elbow A, against a right, lesson two" video is missing, on page 2... can we get that up as well for the rest of that lesson, or did it not record well?

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Crane Belt

Looks great Alex, Also feel free to leave any personal commentary on them that you like. What you liked about it, found difficult, etc.

To find and embed the missing video you can go to and locate the video. You'll see a share link below the video. Click that and copy the embed code. Paste it where you want it on the site.

Teach a man to fish :-)

np and thanks again Shifu Weaver

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Crane Belt
Now that I think about it. For personal commentary it may be best to add that as a comment. That way it links back to your profile automatically and is more social. Comments should be turned on by default but if you find nodes that they are not you can click the edit and at the bottom of the edit screen you will see a link which will allow you to turn them on. You guys will be drupal pros in no time

ok i just searched the videos on the youtube site and its not there either... i remember Shifu Liz did that one that night and we didnt see you at all... maybe it didnt record right then... do we need to take that video off the list or see if you may have it somewhere?

for some reason it wont let me do descriptions any more... i will get the new ones done as soon as it will let me again... im on firefox btw so if i need a different browser let me know *salute*