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Submitted by Shun Shifu Weaver on Sat, 07/20/2013 - 16:23


Blogging is essential to the success of the program. It keeps people active and engaged. It provides fodder for the search engines. It provides content which can be shared across social media. It creates engagement with other blogs.

Blogging is awesome!

A couple rules

1) Be cool

2) There is no #2

We want to be inclusive. No disparaging other arts, philosophies, or religions. We have people on this site from many backgrounds. We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

If you want to be a blogger just let me know and I'll upgrade your permissions. If you have the correct permissions already you should see a bar at the top of the site. In that bar is a link called content. That is a drop down where you can select blog entry. You add blogs there and they will be posted to the main blog.

You can blog about whatever you like. Just keep it on topic.

As a blogger you will want to setup your google profile. In your profile if you hit the edit button and then look in the upper right you will see a link to edit your profile. On this page there is a place for your google profile link. Make sure to fill that in and then go to your google profile and link back to your user page on this site. Make sure you have a picture uploaded to your google profile.

That will do a couple things. It will notify google that you created that content. If another site steals it google will know that it is yours and will most likely not index the other versions of it.

Also when your author rank is built up enough google will begin to display your picture when your posts comes up in search results.

Although it is fine to come up with your own ideas for blogs I also have a resource for ideas. To get into it you will need to install lastpass and then send me the email address you used for lastpass.

I will then grant you access to

Here you will find a steady stream of blog posts from authors I have selected.

An easy way to blog is to blog about another blog. We call this a commentary. You add commentary about another blog entry on another site and then link to that blog.

When you are in resultflow you can look through the items. If you see one you would like to blog about simply delete it from result flow and come back here and blog about it. Remember to save the link so you can link to the original. If a post simply gives you an idea and you do not want to link to the original that's fine too.

If you see an item in resultflow that is just not useful, go ahead and delete it.

If you see something that looks useful but you don't want to blog about it you can select it for abstracting and someone else will write about it.

I look forward to your wonderful blog entries


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Hey Shun Shifu, I want to blog too as I told you before and you did upgrade my account. I read this post and the part where you've mentioned about the google profile link. That is a little confusing. May you help me with that?

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I found this page on my profile. Its got circles on the top each being a different section to edit. Im on the links tab and I do not know what to do.

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Sorry Shifu im posting many comments..
Actually i think i found what you said. There is this section; "Contributor to;" And i can add a page url which i am contributing to. So may you tell me what link do i post there?

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Crane Belt

Bloggers, go check out

posted some info there and will post more very soon