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We take youngsters who never had the positive influence of a strong father figure, and we turn them into motivated, disciplined, moral and productive individuals.

This amazing process guides these youth into realizing their full potential and overcoming the hand life dealt them.

We've had some amazing success. Successes such as Genet

Genet was the first of our sponsored youth. Our success with her became the driving motivation behind the Sheng Chi Foundation.

Genet came from a background of poverty. Her family was homeless at times and relied on the charity of others and the state to survive.

Genet began hanging around at a very young age of 6. Being too young to participate at the time she would watch class and practice what she had seen in secret. When we finally invited her into class a year later she already knew the beginning levels and quickly passed up the other students in class.

The picture displays Genet on the right. Over a decade after we started her in the program. Here in this picture she is taking on the challenge of passing these benefits down to the next generation.

Genet is currently also studying to be a nurse. It turns out that helping people has become a passion for her.

To see more case studies check out our foundation site

We're now working hard to scale our efforts. Bringing these benefits not only to our local youth but also across the country and around the world. this is done through our virtual classrooms and through our committed instructors in face to face teaching environments.

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