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This will be my first post and i would like to tell you a little about me

Submitted by jody vinyard on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 15:37

I have been a student of martial arts for year since i was a young boy. It has gave me health and confidence in life. I had a accident back in 2009 and could not do any thing for some time and i gained lots of weight and lost my confidence then early this year i found shou sho and it has gave my confidence back and it has started to help with my weight.I am amazed on how much i have forgot so i have started a the basics.One of my former masters told me when you think you have it all to start at the being an build on it it will make you better at the arts and more confident in life.I'm not saying you should start at the from the basics but to take the time to step back and go over what you have learned and apply it to the arts and life. As my old master said to be like water you need to be at peace with yourself and to learn from every lesson not just the move but to apply it to life.

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