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Shou' Shu' Podcast - Episode 1

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Submitted by Shun Shifu Weaver on Sun, 09/07/2014 - 22:29

Welcome to Shou' Shu' podcast episode 1.

Part of learning the martial arts is of course the classes and the time spent training. Another part is the stories and explanations that are passed down verbally. Most of the time these are passed down in the times after training. After we have turned the camera off. So to make sure you get all of these wonderful understandings that will help you grow in Shou' Shu' I've started up a podcast. Here I'll pass down the talks and stories that I think round out your training.

It's easiest for me to do these when I'm out on my morning walk. The walking helps me spit out the ideas. So I can't carry a full audio setup with me. I'll do my best to keep the audio quality high with the simple tools I'll carry with me. but if there is an occasional background noise this is why. Hopefully they are just the delightful sounds of birds chirping.

Soon I'll have this up on Itunes, stitcher, and wherever else people subscribe to listen. I do hope that you will leave your comments here, there, and everywhere. Rate it wherever it is that you subscribe and share it with your friends.

Most of all, ENJOY!

EDIT: Now available on Itunes and Stitcher



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Thank you Shun Shifu, I'm going to look forward listening to these as they come out. Hope you have them often!

Thank You Shun Shifu Weaver for adding the podcasts! Wow, this is something I’m really looking forward to listening too. My first real exposure that got me excited about Martial Arts was the Bruce Lee Movies. I tried so much to emulate him only to realize that YES, he’s good but it’s for the movies, the fights were fun to watch but so drawn out. I think this in itself started a Martial Arts revolution. My biggest take away from the podcast would be “Trust but Verify”. So Very True!!

What a Great idea, thank you, thank you, when I teach my class, that's what I do, keep up the great work Shun Shifu Weaver, your the best.
Yours in Christ
GM Dave

David E. Spangler

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Crane Belt

Thanks for your comments. And I especially like your mention of your biggest takeaway. That is helpful for me in planning these.

I have lots of subjects I want to cover but your questions and comments will inspire more things to cover. So keep them coming


That is allways the best way to tell if it's "the real Deal". to Trust and verify and prove it, that's life in a nut shell.
Yours in Christ
GM Dave Spangler KU-DAN

David E. Spangler

It helps if you have sound turn on, I'm sorry I was having a Senior Moment, have a great weekend.
Yours in Christ
GM Dave

David E. Spangler