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Modern methods for the modern warrior. Our teaching methods allow you to easily learn the most sophisticated art in the world. Right from home.

  • Learn from anywhere.
  • Learn anytime.
  • Learn the most effective art ever taught.
  • Learn the Royal Fighting art of Shou' Shu'.


Become physically empowered "Heightened self confidence will improve every aspect of your life."

  • Natural body dynamics.
  • Create more power than a man twice your size!
  • Use skill, not brute force.
  • Use your own graceful fluid motion to overcome an attacker

The secret is in the soft circular fluid motion. Motion that comes easily for women. Even for those small in size.

Advanced Martial Artists

Expert martial artists, we can enhance your skills!

  • Advanced development of flowing, focused chi.
  • Dramatically enhance your power while using less effort.
  • Increase your efficiency of motion.
  • Streamline all of your techniques.

Master the ancient animal arts once thought to be lost. Open up a whole new world of martial arts. Bring back the excitement of learning.


Teaching children is different than teaching adults. We've spent the time to develop programs especially suited to children WITHOUT sacrificing the art.

  • No nonsense approach.
  • Not a day care mentality.
  • Develop strong, disciplined, and motivated kids.
  • Not the school down on the corner. The right school.

Learn from the convenience of home. No driving. No waiting in t

he parking lot while your child is in class. We feel so strongly about our children's programs that we developed a separate site for them. Go there now!

Children's Martial Arts