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The Time it Takes to Learn a Martial Art

Submitted by Xue Sheng on Mon, 10/20/2014 - 09:00

In order to become proficient in martial arts, contrary to the commonly held belief that one must study for decades to acquire such knowledge, the average adult can put forth three or more hours of personal study per day in addition to three formal sessions per week in a class environment and gain knowledge of the discipline within a matter of four to seven years. The average person does not stress personal study. Rather, they simply attend classes at their local gym. This technique will give credence to the idea that these skills take decades to learn. However, if one applies themselves wholly to the study (in the manner intended by the ancient developers of martial arts), the knowledge will come in a matter of years rather than decades. Having a skilled instructor is an extremely important component of proper study due to the importance of one on one study. This will greatly expedite the process of learning the new skill. It can be emphasized that one will learn the art at the pace they apply themselves and the knowledge can be gained in as little as a few years or may take a lifetime to hone to perfection.

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The Time it Takes to Learn a Martial Art


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